Confidential All In One Driver Qualification File Packet Snap-Out 740-F-P/740-F-P

Confidential All In One Driver Qualification File Packet Snap-Out 740-F-P

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This Confidential All In One Driver Qualification File Packet Snap-Out 740-F-P contains the following forms:

  • Allows you to keep alcohol and drug forms, safety performance history forms and driver qualification forms secure and in one convenient location
  • Includes a 9 1/2" W x 11 3/4" L tabbed file folder and the following forms:
    • Driver Qualification File Contents Sheet
    • Checklist for Driver Qualification Forms
    • Application for Employment
    • Request For Check Of Driving Record
    • Fair Credit Reporting Act Disclosure Statement
    • Medical Examination Report
    • Medical Examination Certificate
    • Record and Certificate of Road Test
    • Record Of Violations/Annual Review Certificate
    • Certificate Of Compliance
    • Driver Statement Of On-Duty Hours-New Hire
    • Certification Of Road Test Pocket Card
    • Driver Qualification and ID Certificate
    • Employment Eligibility Verification I-9
    • Alcohol & Drug Records Request
    • Alcohol And/Or Controlled Substance Test Notification
    • Drug Test Results
    • Observed Behavior Reasonable Suspicion Record
    • U.S. DOT Alcohol Testing Form
    • Federal Drug Testing Custody And Control Form
    • Previous Employee Safety Performance History
    • Previous Pre-Employment Alcohol & Drug Test Statement
    • Safety Peformance History Records Request
    • Alcohol & Drug Recordkeeping Log
    • Alcohol & Drug Employee's Certified Receipt

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Note: All forms are single copy except where noted: (2) = 2 copies, (3) = 3 copies.

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