The Forklift Workshop 15900 & 15901

2011 Bronze Telly Award Winner.

The Forklift Workshop 15900 & 15901

15900 & 15901

$ 494.00


Available in English and Spanish

Helps you fulfill the classroom and practical forklift training requirements of OSHA 1910.178(l) and Workshop format reinforces learning using hands-on practice tools, exercises and learning activities.

Covers the following training topics:

  • Lifting employees
  • Parking a forklift
  • Charging and refueling
  • Inspecting your forklift
  • Maintenance and modification
  • Specialized units and attachments
  • Working in a truck, trailer or railcar
  • Hazardous locations and forklift types
  • Picking, traveling with, and placing a load
  • Forklift basics (types, rear steering, turning radius, combined center of gravity and the stability triangle, load center and controls)

Employee Safety Training

Highly Recommended