Melamine Board Charts With Aluminum Frames

The Daily Log Chart is an enlarged copy of our 601-L log book and the KellerSCAN® Daily Log Chart is an enlarged copy of our 801-LD log book.  The Monthly Log Summary Chart shows 70-hour/80-day or 60-hour/7-day sheet for flexibility with all J. J. Keller stock logs.  both charts include an aluminum frame with wall hooks for mounting, and include a marker, eraser, and oversize log ruler.

Product Code Size Description/Features Pricing Quantity Order Now!
877-R enlarged 601-L Daily Log Chart


8570/809-R enlarged Monthly Log Summary Chart;
shows 70-hour/8-day
or 60-hour/7-day sheet


11187/880-R enlarged 801-LD KellerSCAN® Daily Log Chart


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