Confined Spaces: Entry Team Training 38331 & 47364

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Injury Prevention for Drivers - DVD Training Program

38331 & 47364

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The new OSHA Standard requires that companies that do construction activities must ensure that each of its employees who enter a confined space acquires the knowledge and skill necessary for the safe performance of confined space entry operations

Addresses initial and refresher training requirements for the core members of entry team:

  • Authorized entrants
  • Attendants
  • Entry supervisors

Covers general aspects of working safely in confined spaces while ensuring compliance with the training requirements of the new regulation

Covers a variety of confined spaces safety and compliance topics:

  • Overview of new regulation
  • How to recognize and avoid unsafe conditions
  • Hazards inherent to confined spaces on construction jobsites
  • Proper use of required protective and emergency equipment
  • Precautions that must be taken before a confined space is entered

OSHA Workplace Safety

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