Safety Answer Book 67-M

Safety Answer Book 67-M


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Which regulations apply to your company? Don't guess - use the Safety Answer Book for fast, accurate answers!

Here's a quick, convenient way to find out which key OSHA, DOT, and EPA regulations apply to your company.

The Safety Answer Book is carefully organized to help you answer basic compliance questions, pinpoint who you need to train, figure out what your employees need to know, assess which safety plans and policies you'll need, and more.

You'll find 90+ different topics covered in easy-to-understand language. Got a question on forklift safety... fire protection... first aid? You'll find it fast in the Safety Answer Book!

Loose-leaf, 3-ring bound. 977 pages.
ISBN 1-877798-46-0

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Sample Pages PDF* File Sizes
Table of Contents PDF icon 53KB
Accident Investigation PDF icon 58KB
Personal Protective Equipment-General PDF icon 315KB
Signs and Tags PDF icon 54KB
Walking and Working Surfaces PDF icon 112KB

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