Plastic-Wire Padlock Security Seals 321/6-TS

Protect your cargo against tampering and theft

Plastic-Wire Padlock Security Seals 6-TS


Indicative Security Seal

Plastic-Wire Padlock Security Seals 6-TS is a metal wire locks into blue plastic head. Head displays the words "Keller Seals" and consecutive numbers of our choice. Requires 100 pounds of pull-apart strength to disengage.

Measures 1/4" W x 3" L.

Can be used for:

  • Electric Meters
  • Tote Boxes
  • Storage Equipment
  • Zipper Bags
  • In-Flight Service Equipment
  • Hospital Equipment

Sold in increments of 100 seals.

Pricing and Ordering

Product Code 200-999 1,000-1,999 2,000-4,999 5,000-9,999 10,000-24,999 25,000-49,999 For more price info Quantity Order Now!
6-TS $ 0.32 each $ 0.17 each $ 0.15 each $ 0.14 each $ 0.13 each $ 0.12 each Contact Us

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