Fire Prevention & Response 41009 & 41010

Available in English and Spanish.

Confined Spaces: Dangerous Places 12784 & 12785

41009/450-DVD & 41010/451-DVD

$ 395.00



Covers key aspects of workplace fire safety training (prevention, evacuation, and extinguishers) and can be used as part of an OSHA-required fire safety training program (as required by OSHA standards 1910 Parts 38, 39, and 157)

Covers a wide variety of fire safety topics, including:

  • Fire safety at home
  • Evacuations procedures
  • Spotting and eliminating fire hazards
  • Characteristics of fire, and the fire tetrahedron
  • Workplace fire prevention methods, like proper housekeeping and safe material handling procedures
  • Basics of fire extinguisher use, including demonstrations

Workplace Safety

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