Standard Daily Log Instruction Book 600-F-I

Regulations in basic terms for all drivers.


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The Standard Daily Log Instruction Book 600-F-I explains the regulations in basic terms and help new and experienced drivers alike understand what's required to log accurately.  It also makes a great  reference tool for whomever handles log auditing duties at your company.

The book also shows how to complete a Driver's daily log, with examples of log pages, plus sample pages of other logs available from J. J. Keller.  Hints and reminders help explain the logging process.


  • Overall Size: 8 1/2"W x 5 1/2"L
  • Softbound
  • 32 pages


  • Basic terms used in regulations
  • "How to complete a Driver's daily log" steps
  • Log pages examples
  • Other JJ Keller logs sample pages
  • Hints and reminders

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