Daily Log Fold-Up Laminated Charts 601-FW-L

For Maximum Portability.



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Daily Log Fold-Up Laminated Charts 601-FW-L is based on 601-L Driver's Daily Log Book. Its fold-up design of this chart makes it easy to carry from place to place.  Made of laminated paper with four eyelets for temporary mounting.

This chart also includes a marker, eraser, oversized log ruler, and re-sealable bag.


  • 36"W x 24"L
  • Made of Laminated paper


Includes the following:

  • marker
  • eraser
  • oversized log ruler
  • reseasable bag

Pricing and Ordering

1-5 charts6 or more chartsQuantityOrder Now!
$ 53.88 each$ 45.32 each

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