Fold-Up Laminated Charts

Charts fold to 12" x 12" for maximum portability.


The fold-up design of these charts makes them easy to carry from place to place.  Made of laminated paper with four eyelets for temporary mounting, each chart includes a maker, eraser, oversized log ruler, and resealable bag. Choose from different charts:

Product CodeSizeDescription/FeaturesOrder Now!QuantityOrder Now!
601-FW-L36"W x 24"LDaily Log Chart
601-FW-L (based on 601-L)
Not Available
801-FW-L36"W x 24"LKellerSCAN® Daily Log Chart
801-FW-L (based on 801-LD)
Not Available
608-FW-L36"W x 24"LMonthly Log Summary Chart
Not Available

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