Keller-Soft® Safety Committee Customizer® 375-KS-R

Keller-Soft® Safety Committee Customizer® 375-KS-R


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Helps you create, manage, and support safety committees and their activities.

This affordable, easy-to-use software program can help you effectively create, implement, and manage a corporate safety committee. Customizable to the needs of your organization, J. J. Keller's Keller-Soft® Safety Committee Customizer® not only helps you form and manage a safety committee, but it also provides you with support materials to use throughout the formation process, maintenance, and general safety committee activities.

Already have a safety committee in place? Well, the versatile Keller-Soft® Safety Committee Customizer® can help you manage your meetings and schedules, support your committee activities with reference materials, and provide templates for the creation of documentation.

Although safety committees are not required at the federal level, 14 states have requirements for committees. Others do not require safety committees, but encourage their formation and use, publish guidelines for them, or have reduced Workers' Compensation premiums for employers who establish them.

Check out the state-by-state requirements table to see which states have requirements for safety committees.

The Keller-Soft® Safety Committee Customizer® features ...

  • The ability to create a plan for a safety committee
  • Pre-written templates to help develop, among other things:
    • Mission statements
    • Strategy documents
    • Meeting checklists and minutes
    • Reward programs
  • Documents that can be printed, saved, edited, or e-mailed to committee members directly from the program
  • ROI information
  • Best practices documents
  • Summaries of individual state regulations relevant to safety committees

System Requirements

  • Pentium III class or higher processor.
  • Windows XP, Vista (32- and 64-bit), and Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit) operating system.
  • Minimum 256 MB RAM to operate.
  • CD-ROM drive
  • mouse required.
  • Compatible printer.
  • Video with resolution at least 800 x 600 (small fonts), 16-bit color.
  • 40 MB of hard-disk space.

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