Enforcer Adjustable Door Lock 10430/552-R

Strong, portable, and adjustable ... the perfect fit for all your trailers and containers.

Enforcer Adjustable Door Lock 552-R

Enforcer Adjustable Door Lock 10430/552-R


$ 254.95

Tamper-resistant Door Lock

Locks like the Enforcer are often used on high value freight shipments. U.S. Customs also employs them for securing containers and freight during inspections.

The Enforcer Adjustable Door Lock 10430/552-R is a portable unit that does not require permanent installation. The Enforcer's size can be adjusted from 9-1/2" to 15" in half-inch increments around the lock rods of the container and trailer swing doors, ensuring a "tight" fit every time.

The lock is constructed of 10-gauge, chrome-plated spring steel that conceals the shackle of the included Abloy padlock, providing maximum security.

Pricing and Ordering

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$ 254.95 each$ 233.40 each$ 215.40 eachDiscontinued

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