Distracted! Driving - DVD Training

Distracted! Driving - DVD Training


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Ready-to-use training program includes several components, including updated content on the Trainer Tools CD-ROM with need-to-know information on the Hand-Held Cell Phone Ban for CMV drivers and Details strategies drivers can use to deal with their own distracted driving and that of others. It also Aimed specifically at CMV drivers and others who drive as part of their profession (sales people, business travelers, small vehicle delivery drivers, military personnel, public servants, cabbies, etc.)

Covers the following topics:

  • Types of distractions
  • Steps to avoid distracted driving
  • Inattention blindness
  • Post-triTechnology as a distraction
  • What not to do when sharing the road with a distracted driver
  • Recognizing the signs of other distracted motorists


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