Extreme 7-Minute Solutions I (4-Program Compilation) DVD

Extreme 7-Minute Solutions I(4-Program Compilation)DVD


$ 415.00


Train your drivers on some of the most dangerous situations they'll face on the road with Extreme 7-Minute Solutions I(4-Program Compilation)DVD Training Program 13509. It also Feature lively graphics and a pulse-quickening soundtrack and Include real-world insight from seasoned drivers and safety professionals. Videos cover the most intense, emotionally charged, and dangerous situations your drivers can face on the road

Includes 4 training programs all on one DVD:

  • Mountains! Covers the dangers of mountain driving, including ascending and descending steep grades and the added dangers of inclement weather.
  • Rain! Provides a quick refrsher on the dangers of driving in wet weather: limited visibility, loss of traction, hydroplaning, and mechanical problems. It also reviews proper following and stopping distances and covers the hazards posed by standing water and soft shoulders.
  • Rollover! Helps prevent rollovers by making drivers more aware of factors causing them: speed (especially at exit and entrance ramps), wind, fatigue, inattentive drivers, and "phantom vehicles.
  • Wind!  Advises drivers how to control their vehicles in extremely windy conditions. With the longer "sail" surface on 53-foot trailers, and with newer trailers being built lighter, rollovers can occur more easily in extreme conditions - even when at a standstill.


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