Fleet Safety Compliance Manual 399/8-M

Fleet Safety Compliance Manual 8-M, Perfect Bound, Spiral Bound



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Word-for-word FMCSRs, compliance explanations, and DOT's official interpretations ... in one easy-to-use source.

J. J. Keller's Fleet Safety Compliance Manual provides fast, easy access to word-for-word FMCSR regulations and more than 700 official DOT interpretations.

Plus, this timesaving manual gives you clear, concise explanations covering key fleet safety topics:

  • Logging - includes "how-to" illustrations and explains the hours of service rule
  • Driver qualification - provides examples of required forms for each driver's file
  • Equipment - describes parts and accessories required by the regs
  • Accidents - walks you through proper paperwork and procedures
  • Operations - explains driver responsibilities and restrictions
  • Maintenance - summarizes vehicle inspection requirements
  • Safety ratings - explains how safety ratings are determined

With this quick-find resource, you can ...

  • Simplify FMCSR compliance
  • Create time for other projects by providing quick answers to common driver questions
  • Prepare for new regulations before they go into effect
  • Know what you need to do to comply


Loose-leaf, 3-ring bound. Over 870 pages.
ISBN 978-1-60287-565-4

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