Vehicle Accident Report Kit With Camera English

Available with or without Camera


3745/689-R, 1046/33-F

For quicker, easier accident documentation day or night, give your drivers the accident report kit that comes with its own disposable camera. Use the information you record for company and insurance reporting purposes.

Ready-to-use 15-exposure camera features a built-in flash and comes in an airtight wrapper. 35 mm, 400 ISO color film, instructions included. Camera measures 4 1/2" x 2 1/4" x 1".

Pricing and Ordering

With Camera (3745/689-R)

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$ 46.21 each$ 39.04 each$ 30.51 each$ 28.28 each$ 26.46 each$ 24.93 eachContact Us

Without Camera (1046/33-F)

25-4950-99100-249250-499500-9991,000 or moreFor more price infoQuantityOrder Now!
$ 5.41 each$ 5.21 each$ 3.39 each$ 3.00 each$ 2.60 each$ 2.35 eachContact Us


Avail this package that comes in Pouch

This package contains the following:

  •  (1) 15-Exposure Camera
  •  (1) 6" x 9-1/4" Accident Report Envelope
  •  (1) Driver's Report At Accident Scene Form
  •  (4) Witness Cards
  •  (1) Accident Notification Card
  •  (2) Exoneration Cards
  •  (1) Part 382.303 Post Accident Testing

Age and exposure to extreme temperatures can affect your instant camera's performance. J. J. Keller cameras are stamped with an expiration date, 2 years from date of manufacture, so it's easy to tell when it's time to replace your old one.

Make sure that you're always prepared for the unexpected. Don't get caught with an expired camera!


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