Annual Vehicle Inspection Report

Meet DOT's annual vehicle inspection requirements under $396.21

Annual Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Also includes Minimum Periodic Inspection Standards (Part 396, Appendix G to Subchapter B) on the back of the forms to reinforce the vehicle inspection requirements
  • Durable 100 lb. manila ply helps preserve the report
  • Snap-out format
  • Available in 2 or 3 plies
  • Carbonless
  • Measures 8-1/2" W x 11-3/4" L

Product Code # of PliesCarbonFormatSizePricing
3127/400-FS-C2NoSnap-out8-1/2" W x 11-3/4" LMore Details
3128/400-FS-C3NoSnap-out8-1/2" W x 11-3/4" LMore Details

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