Safe Driving: A School Bus Driver's Series I (3-Program Compilation) 201-DVD



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Dropped on OCTOBER 31,2013

Quick, 10-minute videos help school bus drivers improve safety, avoid accidents, and reduce liability.

Improve the effectiveness of your school bus driver training program - faster and easier than you ever thought possible - with J. J. Keller's safety training programs for school bus drivers.

The Safe Driving video series was carefully developed to meet the specific needs of school bus drivers. Designed for both new and experienced drivers, these videos provide practical messages that focus on the real-world situations your drivers face every day.

Decrease your training prep time, improve training effectiveness, and reduce liability while your drivers reap the benefits of improved driving skills, increased safety awareness, and fewer accidents.

The School Bus Driver's Series I (3-Program Compilation) includes the following training programs, all on one DVD:

  • Vehicle Inspections - centers around a 7-step vehicle inspection method, and stresses the importance of completing regular, thorough pre- and post-trip inspections.
  • Passenger Safety - explains proper entering and exiting procedures as well as emergency bus evacuations. Also shows how to set effective conduct rules and enforce them to help drivers manage students and maintain order.
  • Accident Procedures - provides strategies for dealing with traffic accidents, including nine steps that must be done after a crash.
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Component Parts

Each training video compilation is supplemented by the following:

  • (1) Instructor's Bulletin per topic - Provides helpful training tips and techniques for conducting training sessions. Includes a review quiz trainers can photocopy for employees.
  • (11) Driver Skill Cards per topic - Review key points and guidelines covered in training.

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