Who we are

DriverLogBooks is a (B2B) Business to Business, website focusing on the needs of Trucking businesses. DriverLogBooks was established with an aim to help and give assistance to trucking companies, fleet operators and their drivers by providing them with necessary supplies and materials, and others designed to meet the specific needs of the Trucking industry most especially for compliance.

We offer products that are guaranteed excellent, made by an already-established JJ Keller, the company that has built a solid reputation for providing companies with practical help in meeting complex government regulations, including transportation regulatory services.

It is our vision that tucking companies' daily operations would be as smooth as possible.  No hassles, no violations from the government regulations and free from penalties. It would also be great to see drivers doing their jobs conveniently and easily, thus increasing productivity.

It is DriverLogBooks' mission to provide these companies and drivers with essential tools that are convenient and easy to use, updated to the latest regulations, and guaranteed to serve long.

Now, updated-to-latest-regulations driver's daily log books are already available for purchase. Regular driver's daily log books, scannable logs for KellerSCAN, logs for Bus/Motorcoach and even Canadian log books are now available. DriverLogBooks provides a convenient way of shopping your needed log books for compliance.

To keep your logs organized and protected, log book binders, covers and holders are also now available.  Document holders for other papers, and even envelopes for your monthly log summary.

Products that might provide help in other ways are also available.  These products are under Log Book Accessories and Companions.  Products ranges from clear log rulers to laminated charts for training and discussion, and even luminous pen that is useful in low-lit conditions.

Have a good stay at DriverLogBooks and get started with your compliance now.


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