Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are questions commonly asked by most online shoppers in the net. These help when an online shopper is in doubt or uncertain about shopping online.

All of JJ Keller product ID numbers have been changed to numbers only. The products are the same, except for the 5-in-1 logbooks, which have been updated to better conform to the new IFTA recording requirements. DriverLogBooks plans on leaving the older numbers on the our website to help our customer facilitate searching and reordering.

We will be adding the newer numbers followed by the older numbers on both the web pages and the shopping cart, as time permits.

For example, the 5-in-1 logbook 607-L-C is now 19587, so we will indicate 19587/607-L-C. This will allow you to search for either number.

Is shopping online safe?

Yes, but like most things in life, some care should be used. There are 2 minimum requirements for safe online shopping.

  • Make sure the business is a legitimate one. Is it a corporation or LLC that must be registered with the state and can be easily looked up at the state website? Do they have a telephone number that you can call? If it is an 800 number, do they also provide their local landline number? Do they provide their address? If it is a PO BOX, do they also provide their actual physical address?
  • Make sure you are on a Secure web page (HTTPS: in the address bar) when you enter any type of personal information credit card. Does the address bar bar in the browser start with HTTPS:?
  • PayPal Checkout: Here's a third one, but, it is certainly worth a mention.  DriverLogBooks recommends signing up and using PayPal to checkout. PayPal keeps your credit card information secure and you do not have to expose it or any other personal information to every store you purchase from.  It's a 1 Click Checkout, greatly reducing your risk of online theft.  Just look for the PayPal Checkout Logo when you shop.  Once in the Shopping Cart, you will only need to click on the Yellow PayPal Checkout Button. What could be easier?
  • There are other things that can also be helpful (ex. download the Google Toolbar and only shop at websites that have a PR (Google Page Rank) of 1 or more. 99% of the thieves' website have "0 PR". Thank you Google), but the first 2 are absolutely mandatory.

So is your data safe on DriverLogBooks? Yes, if you use the secure shopping cart because we do not store any credit card information, except when it is given to us over the phone.  We pay a professional organization each month to secure our shopping cart and we check to make sure they stay PCI compliant.

Can I use Cheque/Check as Payment?

We really should not take a check, as that is how we have been stung in the past, but we do extended that courtesy to some of our customers. Yes, we can accept check but we will hold it until it clears (about 10 days). Checks should be sent to:

DriverLogBooks Account
8312 Sidbury Rd.
Wilmington, NC 28411

When using cheque/check as payment, take note of the following:

  1. Contact us and email the following:
    • Details of Product to purchase
      • Product Code
      • Quantity
      • Preferred Shipping Method. Select from Ground, 2-Day, and 3-Day.
      • Link or Product URL (preferred)
    • Complete Delivery Address. DO NOT use P.O. Box
  2. DriverLogBooks will reply to your email with the following information:
    • Address to which check should be sent
    • Amount to indicate in the check. We charge additional $20.00 for the entire order processing, and should be part of the total amount indicated in the check.
  3. When we receive the check, we then verify it.
  4. We process the order only when we have received the information above and have verified the check.

NOTE: DriverLogBooks is a subsidiary of RoadTrucker, Inc. We use its credit card processing for more security. Don't be surprised if you get a receipt, or any document of that sort that bears RoadTrucker's name.

Is Addition pricing available other that what is listed?

Pricing listed on the website is based on a normal buying practice as far as log books are concerned. But, YES, there is additional pricing available for most products, For more pricing info not listed, please contact DriverLogBooks. Please indicate the product code when you inquire for more pricing

Will you deliver to a P.O Box?

No. We need a Real Physical Address to confirm delivery.

Will you guarantee my order will be delivered by a certain date?

No. No. Under NO circumstances will be be responsible for the delivery date of your order. In fact, our policy is to delete any orders that come with a contingent on the delivery date. If a deliver date is critical, we highly recommend you shop at a local store so you can take the item you need home yourself. There are just too many issue that can delay delivery. That said, we will do the best we can to process your order in a timely manner and see that it gets sent to the warehouse the same evening you entered it. Most orders will ship the following day.

How long will my delivery take?

It is important to understand that there are 2 times that make up the total time for the delivery of your purchase. The first is Product Fulfillment and the second is Product Delivery.

  • The time of Product fulfillment is the time is takes to get your order, process the credit card information, send it to the warehouse, waiting in the warehouse queue, pull it from the shelves (or possible manufacturing time), and put it on the delivery truck. This time usually takes anywhere from a few hours to 3 or 4 days if your order is placed on Friday afternoon and has to wait until Monday (or Tuesday if a holiday). It can take as much as 2 or 3 weeks if the product has to be manufactured.
  • The second, product delivery time, is what you pay for by selecting Ground or 3-Day. This usually takes anywhere from 1 to 6 days and weekends and holidays do not count. Selecting 3-days can actually take as many as 6 days if it includes a weekend and a holiday. What all delivery agents use is 3 working days. There is no such thing as Guaranteed 3-day counting the day of the order. We have had customers enter their order on Friday and expect it on Sunday. It is unrealistic, since it will not even be shipped until Monday (if not a holiday) at the earliest and Thursday would be 3-day (if Monday ,Tuesday & Wednesday are not holidays).

We try to get every day's orders processed each night, so that most will be delivered within 5 or 6  business days Max, although around Christmas time we tend to get a day or two behind. During most of the year most areas can expect delivery within 2 to 7 business days, if you order early in the day. Selecting 3-Day Shipping may get it there within 3 business days from the day ordered, if ordered before 8:00 am Eastern Time, but please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee you a delivery date as the delivery service is not in our control.

You can help by making sure your information is correct, so double check it and make sure you do NOT use a P.O. Box as the Ship To: address because we can not ship to a P.O. Box address. 

The Most Common Reasons that Delay an Order are:

  • Wrong expiration date for Credit Card (Top Reason)
  • Billing Address given, does NOT match the Address your bank has on file and Bills You for your credit card. (Make Sure this is Correct)
  • Shipping Address is a P.O. Box and NOT a Physical Address.
  • Alaska or Hawaii think UPS can drive there :o)  Please choose 2-day to cover the real shipping cost and we can ship immediately. We would prefer not to ship to Alaska nor Hawaii unless you understand the RATES ARE HIGHER!

Delay is compounded if the phone and email are not correct.  In fact, give us a bad phone number and we will cancel the order. After all you are asking us to trust you when you order.

How to Cancel Order?

If, for some reasons you want to cancel your order contact DriverLogBooks right away.

Any order cancelled before the credit card is charged will NOT incur a fee, however, once your card has been charged, there will be a 10% fee to cover the Cost of Processing. We must pay for both the charge and the refund. Any order cancelled after it has shipped will be charged a 15% restock/processing fee. Almost all distributors charge a 15% restocking.

Shipping Refunds

In general, we do not refund shipping cost. Shipping is equivalent to the cost of driving to and from your local store and you do not ask them to refund your gas, oil and vehicle wear and tear. There are exception, where we will pay for Ground Shipping ONLY. Under no circumstances will we refund you for convenience shipping (Overnight, 2-day, 3-day, etc). If you decide to convenience ship (other than ground), you do it at your own risk. Even if the item is faulty or not the correct item, we will only be responsible for Ground shipping.

What are the standards for the imprinted Log Books?

  1. Imprinted information will be in upper case lettering.  This includes the name, address, and all other imprinted information.  If the name or address is very lengthy, it will be typeset in upper and lower case to be more legible.
  2. Standard Company Name Punctuation Procedure:
    • Periods will be put after Inc., Ltd., and other standard abbreviations.
    • There will be no spaces, periods, or commas in the company name and/or company name initials.
    • No comma will precede Inc., Ltd., or Co.
  3. Standard Address Punctuation Procedure:
    • Commas will be put between the city and state, the rural route and P.O. Box, the street address and the P.O. Box.
    • Hyphens will be put between the street address and city.  Hyphens will be used in phone numbers, unless parentheses are requested, i.e., (910-805-1140).
    • This is how your Company Name and Address should look like when printed:
      sample imprint of company name and address
  4. Please allow approximately 5 - 6 weeks for your order to be processed.
  5. Imprint orders are not returnable unless we have made an error.
  6. Imprint log book orders are subject to a 10% overrun and charge. This overrun is a printing industry standard. The overrun quantity and charge will be added automatically.

King Controls Vu Qube Policy

King Controls builds a high quality Portable & Truck Mount Satellite Antenna and backs it with a Full 1 Year Parts & 1 year Labor Warranty. Every Vu Qube Satellite Antenna is bench tested before King Controls (Wallace Technology) will let it out of the manufacturing facility. King Controls wants to handle virtually ALL issues, regardless of where the Vu Qube was purchased, so you must contact King Controls directly regardless of what the issue is. There is NO RETURN on the Vu Qube Satellite Antennas.

Do NOT buy a Vu Qube Satellite Antenna, unless you are willing to take responsibility for your purchase. By purchasing you agree to allow King controls to correct any issue you might have with your Vu Qube. If King Controls cannot solve the problem over the phone, you agree to send the Vu Qube back for repair or replacement. You may request DriverLogBooks send you a shipping document if the problem is within the first 30 days, so check your Vu Qube out immediately.

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