FMLA for Supervisors 17827/810-DVD

FMLA for Supervisors 17827/810-DVD


$ 415.00

Updated to reflect the February 2013 and February 2015 rule changes

Outlines what supervisors must do when dealing with an employee's FMLA issues to help the employee and the company stay in compliance

Takes a proactive training approach to help supervisors respond appropriately to employees' FMLA issue

Covers a wide variety of Family and Medical Leave Act topics, including:

  • Who is eligible for FMLA?
  • What qualifies for FMLA?
  • Qualifying health conditions
  • Intermittent and reduced schedule leave
  • A supervisor's role and responsibilities in handling FMLA issues
  • Military leave provisions (including qualifying exigency and service member care)

Human Resources (HR)

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