Fleet Tax Compliance Manual 33-M

Fleet Tax Compliance Manual 33-M


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Find out how to get tax refunds and credits!

J. J. Keller's Fleet Tax Compliance Manual provides detailed information on how to get tax refunds and credits you may be entitled to.

It covers federal taxes, sales and use taxes, property/ad volorem taxes, IFTA, fuel-use taxes, local county/city taxes, and more.

Explains how to report various taxes, and how to apply for fuel tax credits. Also covers state audits and penalties, surety bond requirements, and lessor/lessee tax rules. Reference charts and sample forms included.

Loose-leaf, 3-ring bound, 620 pages.

ISBN 0-934674-76-0

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Sample PagesPDF*File Sizes
Table of Contents PDF icon52KB
Reference ChartsPDF icon86KB
Motor Carrier Taxes - ConnecticutPDF icon53KB
Federal TaxesPDF icon45KB
Fuel Tax Reporting - KentuckyPDF icon85KB

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