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FleetMentor 30 Day Tutorial FleetMentor®


$ 899.00

Provides you with the fleet management solutions and tools you need to cover all areas of the CSA Behavioral Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs).

A subscription to FleetMentor provides you with:

  • 12 free topic-specific webcasts per year
  • Unlimited access to regulatory updates and industry news
  • Subject matter experts to help research a specific topic
  • Customizable templates for creating policies, procedures and training
  • Comprehensive guide for developing management controls and corrective actions
  • A community of transportation professionals to share ideas, knowledge, and expertise
  • Tools and resources you need to demonstrate your commitment to highway safety and compliance
  • Recordkeeping and fleet management solutions/tools to help you run more efficiently and stay compliant

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FleetMentor Interactive Tools:

  • Policy & Procedure Handbooks
    This feature provides comprehensive handbook templates for creating best-in-industry policies and procedures. Customize the suggested policies or build your own by selecting your own policies.
  • Motor Carrier Safety Audit
    This feature guides you through the six areas of an FMCSA audit to identify critical and acute violations. Once the audit is complete, use the results to develop corrective action plans and improve your overall safety rating.
  • Permit Advisor
    This wizard provides a quick summary of the federal and jurisdictional permits you will need to operate and transport a specific shipment.
  • Training Programs
    FleetMentor's training programs can be used "as is" or customized to meet your fleet operation's needs. Choose from courses for employees and the supervisor and management, or by category; operations - personnel - safety.
  • Vehicles and Equipment
    Stay on top of annual inspections, plate renewals, service status, and lease dates using the alert functionality and reporting.
  • Accident Claim Tracking
    This feature provides a comprehensive method for tracking and maintaining accident claim information. In addition to creating a claim diary, this tool allows you to track claim costs and set reminders for timely claim actions.
  • Loss and Damage Claims
    Use this feature to track and comply with regulations governing cargo claim deadlines and acknowledgment requirements. Maintain a claims diary, print your correspondence letters, and set alerts for regulatory action deadlines.
  • Cost of Operations
    This feature is designed to help you accurately calculate your overall cost of operations. Use the results for planning, forecasting, determining freight rates, making purchasing decisions and establishing minimal operating benchmarks.
  • Random Test Selector
    Use this selection tool to help administer your random drug and alcohol testing program. The tool provides a reliable way to ensure each selection is random and fair, and helps ensure that your random testing program fulfills DOT testing requirements each calendar year.

FleetMentor also includes:

  • Hazardous Materials Table
  • Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG)
  • Award and Recognition Programs
  • Performance Reviews
  • Post-Accident Decision Wizard
  • Salaries and Pay Packages
  • Leases and Agreements
  • Turnover Tracking
  • Insurance Policy Manager
  • And much more!

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