Trucking Permit Guide 21/1-G

Trucking Permit Guide 1-G


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Keep your vehicles properly permitted and running - without overpaying.

Trucking Permit Guide 21/1-G addresses three major regulatory areas: federal interstate operating authority procedures, vehicle registration, and fuel/mileage taxes and covers federal, state, and Mexican regulatory agencies.

This compliance guide will help all types of carriers comply with the Single State Registration System (SSRS) IFTA, and IRP requirements. Also includes extensive information on external vehicle identification requirements for inter- and intra-state carriers.

Sample forms are included for IFTA, IRP, Federal Operating Authority, HVUT, and SSRS.

Loose-leaf, 3-ring bound, 800 pages

ISBN 0-934674-00-0


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Table of Contents PDF icon47KB
Colorado Trucking Permit GuidePDF icon33KB
Kentucky Trucking Permit GuidePDF icon39KB
Pennsylvania Trucking Permit GuidePDF icon45KB
Florida Trucking Permit GuidePDF icon44KB
Oregon Trucking Permit GuidePDF icon42KB

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