Numer-All™ Plate Metal Flip File Placards 4 Clipped Corners 6943/681-CC

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J. J. Keller's exclusive Numer-All Placard design is built for durability with 4 hinges, heavy .032" aluminum back plate for wind protection, and baked-on polyester finish to resist fading.

Plus, they offer screen-printed legends on corrosion-resistant aluminum panels, stainless steel spring clips to hold panels securely in place, and rounded corners for easy handling.



These durable flip-file, clipped corner units contain multiple screen-printed legends that meet DOT specifications.

Placards feature: .032" aluminum back plate to protect against wind, fade-resistant acrylic paint, stainless steel spring clips to hold legend panels securely in place, and clipped corners for helping with placards fitting in different style roll-up doors and trailers.

8-legend sets include the following legends ...

  • Combustible - white bottom, red (Class 3)
  • Corrosive (Class 8)
  • Flammable - all red, white (Class 3)
  • Inhalation Hazard (Class 2)
  • Inhalation Hazard (Class 6)
  • Miscellaneous (Class 9)
  • Oxidizer (Class 5.1)
  • Poison (Class 6)
  • All White

Placards measure 13-3/4" W x 13-3/4" L.

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Numer-All™ Placards

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