Wide-Edge Press-Lock Unpainted Aluminum Placard Holder 10503/10-TPH

Protect placards from the elements and reduce placard replacement costs!

Wide-Edge Press-Lock Unpainted Aluminum Placard Holder 10-TPH


Measuring over 12" wide and over 14" long, the Wide-Edge Press-Lock Aluminum Placard Holder is J. J. Keller's widest aluminum holder. Its 10 pre-drilled holes match the pattern of other popular placard holders making it easy to replace existing equipment.


  • Made of .30" thick aluminum
  • Front and Back plates are press-locked together
  • measures 12-1/2" wide x 14-1/8" long.
  •  Featuring a natural aluminum color, it is .55" wider than J. J. Keller's other stocked aluminum placard holders. It


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