Pitman Arm Service Kit - 20387

For Intermediate (Class 4,5,6) & Heavy Duty (Class 7,8)

Made in Canada

Pitman Arm Service Kit - 20387


$ 424.99

Pitman Arm Service Kit Designed to service Sheppard M100 style Gear Box or most of the common styles of Pitman Arms.


  • 10386 – Heavy Duty Pitman Arm Spreader
  • 10385 – Heavy Duty Pitman Arm Puller

Operating Instructions:

Sheppard M100 Pitman Arm Puller: 10385

Note: Always keep the forcing screw threads clean and well lubricated. Lubricate with oil before every use. Failure to do so can result in thread seizure in the tool.

  1. Remove set screws from pitman arm or bend lock tabs for removal of retaining bolt. Refer to the manufacturer’s service manual to determine model and retaining method.
  2. Some applications may also require removal of some/all of the fasteners in the sector shaft cover to allow the tool to slide over the pitman arm.
  3. Back the forcing screw out and slip casting over the pitman arm until the forcing screw lines up with the center of the sector shaft. Ensure that the forcing screw will not damage the threads in the end of the sector shaft. On some models, it may be necessary to install a bolt into the threaded end of the sector shaft for the pulling operation.
  4. Once the tool is properly positioned on the pitman arm, apply 1⁄2" drive impact to the forcing screw until the pitman arm is removed from the sector shaft.

Pitman Arm Spreader: 10386

Note: Keep the threads of the screw clean and lubricated at all times to lessen friction. Use quality oil on threads. We do not recommend using anti-seize!

  1. Remove the nut from the thru bolt.
  2. Remove the thru bolt from the pitman arm.
  3. Slide the two link arms onto each side of the pulling bar with the pulling pins entering the thru bolt hole of the pitman arms. Align the wedge with the parting line of the pitman arm and hand tighten the screw until the assembly is tight and in proper position.
  4. Continue to turn the forcing screw with a wrench or air ratchet until the wedge has spread the pitman arm sufficiently to allow the pitman arm to be removed. Use caution not to spread the arm excessively.

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