7-Minute Solutions for Construction

7-Minute Solutions for Construction


$ 615.00


Compilation consists of six videos, each just seven minutes long, on one DVD:

  • Back Safety- Covers the most common sources of back pain: improper lifting techniques; excessive or repetitive twisting, bending or reaching; lifting heavy loads; and corrective actions for each one.
  • Electrical Safety- Covers how to eliminate the hazards that can cause electrocution. Includes info on lockout/tagout, working near energized lines, proper PPE, and the first responder system.
  • Fall Protection- Reviews the responsibilities of the employer and employee regarding fall protection.
  • Hand & Power Tool SafetyCovers the importance of using tools safely, PPE, guarding moving parts, control switches, and identifying unsafe tools.
  • Personal Protective Equipment- Reviews employer requirements and addresses employee responsibilities regarding PPE and its usage.
  • Stairways & Ladders- Covers when ladders and stairways are needed; inspection methods; proper set-up and usage; recognizing and dealing with hazards; differences between fixed and portable ladders; ladder construction; and correct stairway design.
  • Each program delivers refresher training for veteran workers and covers enough of the basics
    for new workers

Fast-paced and attention-getting, each construction training video features the following:

  • Interviews with job site trainers, supervisors, and employees who have real-world experience with the topic
  • State-of-the-art animation to help employees visualize and remember important information
  • Quick review and summary


Highly Recommended