Dry Van Cargo Securement, Second Edition DVD Training Program 12172 / 173-DVD-R6

Cargo Securement FLATBEDS - DVD Training Program

12172 / 173-DVD-R6

$ 345.00

Program addresses the requirements of FMCSR 392.9 and 393

Covers key topics:

  • working load limit and aggregate working load limit standards
  • proper securement techniques
  • when to re-examine and adjust cargo
  • determining the number of tiedowns
  • cargo distribution
  • pre-trip inspection
  • re-checking cargo
  • securement devices
  • personal safety

Program includes two animated scenarios:

  • How to determine the number of tiedowns needed based on the length of items being secured
  • How to load cargo so the center of gravity stays low and why this is important

Ready-to-use training program includes several components

Closed-captioned for the hearing impaired

Highly Recommended