Emergency Maneuvers DVD Master Driver Training Program Video Series 10451/908-DVD

Helps develop critical evasive driving skills.

Emergency Maneuvers DVD Master Driver Training Program Video Series 908-DVD

ISBN: 1-592042-636-3

$ 325.00


Emergency Maneuvers DVD Master Driver Training Program Video Series 10451/908-DVD drivers are reminded that evasive driving skills need to be developed and continually refined, so when hazards appear, making the correct choice is second nature.

This program covers a critical safety topic in under 19 minutes and keeps your drivers' attention with dramatic footage, dynamic graphics, 3-D animation, hazard perception challenge scenarios, and "Road Wise" commentary from seasoned transport pros.

Key subjects addressed include

  • preventing emergency situations through hazard perception and pre-trip vehicle inspections;
  • using escape routes in typical emergency situations;
  •  emergency braking;
  • basic skid control and recovery;
  • and minimizing damage when a collision is unavoidable. 


DVD Main Menu

  • Play Program – Plays entire main program.
  • Chapter Selections (access to chapters by topic)
    • Hazard Perception Challenge – The video opens with an emergency maneuver scenario.
    • Introduction – Explains that even the most experienced CMV drivers are bound to face emergency situations at some point, and when the worst happens, you only have a split second to react, so the correct response better be second nature.
    • Hazard Perception and Prevention Techniques – Discusses the importance of a thorough pre-trip vehicle inspection and reviews a 7-step procedure, and once you're on the road, to be constantly on the lookout for clues that indicate potentially dangerous situations.
    • Escape Route
      • General Procedures – Covers wearing your seatbelt and why, knowing potential escape routes before you need to use them, and things you need to keep in mind when making an evasive maneuver.
      • Evading an Oncoming Vehicle – Reviews why you need to steer right to safely evade an oncoming vehicle.
      • Avoiding a Stopped Vehicle – Reviews the correct response for a stopped vehicle.
      • Avoiding a Merging Vehicle – Reviews the steps to safely avoid a merging vehicle.
      • Handling a Tire Blowout – Reviews how to safely deal with a tire blowout while driving, and how to avoid one occurring.
      • Off-Road Recovery – Reviews that leaving the road to avoid a collision or other emergency should be your last option, and to use it only if absolutely necessary.
    • Emergency Braking – Reviews controlled braking and stab braking techniques.
    • Skid Control and Recovery – Reviews what to do if when you find yourself in a skid due to over-braking, over-steering or over-accelerating, and how to recover.
  • Conclusion – Emphasizes that with the amount of time CMV drivers spend on the road, it isn't a matter of if they'll need to use an emergency maneuver, but when.
  • Hazard Perception Challenge Answer – The video closes with an emergency maneuver scenario.
  • Quick Review – Provides a quick way to refresh memory on key points of the program to better aid retention.
  • Checklist – Increases understanding and retention.
  • Commentary – Offers additional interviews by industry professionals.
  • Bonus Hazard Perception Challenges (3) – Sharpens trainees’ skills learned in the video.
  • Quiz – 10 interactive questions; offers correct/incorrect remediation to reinforce effectiveness of training.

The Basic System Requirements

  • A 400 Mhz or faster Intel- compatible CPU
  • A video card with AGP architecture and at least 4 MB of onboard RAM
  • At least 128 MB of system RAM (Windows 2000, XP and Vista users - 256 MB or more is recommended)
  • Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows XP or Windows Vista (most software DVD decoders have either reduced function or no support under Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0)
  • The latest version of Microsoft DirectX
  • A DVD-ROM drive

NOTE: DVD discs cannot be read by CD-ROM equipment

This training program comes with the following:

  • (1) 19-minute, closed-captioned video - Available on DVD (with extra bonus features), the program combines engaging video and editing technology with expertise from industry professionals at all levels.
  • (1) Trainer Bulletin - Provides background info on the topic covered and gives a brief overview of the video. Also includes a 5-question quiz and handout exercise for drivers.
  • (11) Driver Skill Cards - Recap key points from the training program and include receipts for you and the driver to document training.


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