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The perfect resource for anyone managing or operating commercial motor vehicles (CMVs).

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Key highlights throughout the manual make compliance management easy:

  • Did You Know? - facts and insights to help you better understand key topics
  • Compliance Point - portions of the regulations often misunderstood or missed
  • Historical Note - background or historical information on a regulation or requirement
  • Caution - advice to avoid danger or harm, or minimize risk

Provides comprehensive how-to information on critical topics, including:

  • Personnel management - driver qualification, CDL standards, drug and alcohol testing
  • Compliance fundamentals - registration, USDOT number, insurance, and other prerequisite compliance information
  • Vehicle management - equipment requirements, inspections, and maintenance
  • Hours-of-Service management - limits and recordkeeping
  • Enforcement programs and penalties - CSA, audits, and ratings; proceedings and penalties
  • CMV driving - restrictions, accidents, and hazardous materials

Included 1-Year Update Service subscription helps you keep your manual current by providing updates every 6 months

Loose-leaf, 3-ring bound, 850+ pages.

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