Hours of Service: A Driver's Guide, 2nd Edition - DVD/VHS Training Program

Shows drivers how to meet logging requirements under the current HOS rule.



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VHS $ 365.00

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Hours of Service: A Driver's Guide, 2nd Edition - DVD/VHS Training Program explains the following:

  •  The "whys" and "hows" of the requlations
  • The 11-hour driving rule
  • 14 consecutive hours on-duty rule
  • 60 hour-7day/70 hour-8 day limits
  • 34-hour restart provision
  • Commonly misunderstood areas like the sleeper berth rules, on-duty vs off-duty
  • Short-haul exemptions.

Component Parts

Available on DVD or VHS, J. J. Keller's Hours of Service: A Driver's Guide, Second Edition is for property-carrying vehicles and covers the "hows" and "whys" of logging, and clearly explains the requirements (including the sleeper-berth option and short-haul provision) under DOT's current HOS rule.

This program includes several ready-to-use training tools:

  • (1) 20-minute, closed-captioned video - Available on DVD (with extra bonus features) or VHS, the program combines engaging video and editing technology with expertise from industry professionals at all levels.
  • (1) Instructor's Guide - Provides you with background information and training tips to make the most of each training session.
  • (11) Driver Handbooks - Review key points and include a quiz to check trainees’ understanding of the material.
  • (1) Training Register - Helps trainers record essential details.
  • (1) Driver Training Log Book - Helps trainees record essential details.
  • (1) Training Log - Helps trainers record essential details.
  • (2) Awareness Posters - Hang in a break room or training area to remind drivers that the rules are in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. View posters: Keep it Legal, Keep it Current and Beat Fatigue, Not the System.
  • (10) Hours of Service Comparison Cards - Compares old regs with the current regs.


Hours of Service: A Driver's Guide, Second Edition is available on DVD or VHS. The content of the main program is the same on VHS and DVD, but with DVD, you’ll also get added features!

DVD Main Menu

  • Play Program - Plays entire main program.
  • Chapter Selections – Allows easy access to specific subtopics for more focused training.
    • Introduction
    • Driving Rules
    • Completing the Daily Log
    • Introduction
      • 100 Air-Mile Radius Exemption
    • The Record of Duty Status
    • Animated Logging Examples
      • Sleeper Berth Exception - 2005 Rule Changes
    • Review of the 11-Hour and 14-Hour Rules
    • 16-Hour Short-Haul Exception
      • 150 Air-Mile Short Haul Exemption - 2005 Rule Change
    • 60/70 Hour Rules
    • Conclusion
  • Quiz – 10 interactive questions; offers correct/incorrect remediation to reinforce effectiveness of training.

DVD Benefits over VHS

  • Is adaptable to a variety of training situations: can be used for group training (with a DVD player and monitor) or individual training (on a PC with DVD capability).
  • Includes extra “DVD-only” training materials, which adds training options and helps improve trainees’ retention.
  • Displays superior picture and audio quality to keep trainees engaged.
  • Features instant rewind, fast forward, and search controls to save you time.
  • Durable disc is not susceptible to magnetic fields and is heat resistant.
  • Transports easily because of its compact size.

The Basic System Requirements are:

  • A 400 Mhz or faster Intel- compatible CPU
  • A video card with AGP architecture and at least 4 MB of onboard RAM
  • At least 128 MB of system RAM (Windows 2000, XP and Vista users - 256 MB or more is recommended)
  • Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows XP or Windows Vista (most software DVD decoders have either reduced function or no support under Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0)
  • The latest version of Microsoft DirectX
  • A DVD-ROM drive (DVD discs cannot be read by CD-ROM equipment)


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