Vehicle Inspections: Tractor Trailers - DVD Training - 48468


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For property-carrying commercial motor vehicles drivers that needs a CDL to operate. Helps drivers to remain compliance with the FMCSA regulations.


  • FMCSA regulations compliance
  • Avoid costly and deadly breakdown accidents when on the road by learning or understanding the threet ypes of vehicle inspections that must be performed on a CMV:
    • Pre-Trip (FMCSR Sec. 392.7 and 396.13) - Identify the problems that could cause a breakdown or crash. Perform before taking the vehicle on the road.
    • On-the-Road (FMCSR Sec. 392.9) - Performed while driving, checked dashboard gauges, check tires, rims, wheels, brakes, lights, electrical, air connection to trailer, cargo securement and trialer coupling.
    • Post-Trip (FMCSR Sec. 396.11) - Performed at day's end, listing any problem discovered and filling out a driver vehicle inspection reprot (DVIR).
  • After using this program, drivers will know:
    • When each inspection needs to be performed
    • How to perform each of the three types of inspections
    • The importance of performing these inspections every time to prevent the possibility of costly and potentially deadly accidents.
  • 2017 Bronze Telly Award Winner

Program Components

  • (1) Trainer Tools CD - (not sold separately) Includes power point presentation along with learning activities, images, quiz, training certificate and a training log.
  • (1) 42-minute Video - Shows your drivers the inspection process.
  • (1) Trainer Guide - (not sold separately) Overviews the key points and guidelines covered in the video. Provides info on the topic covered in the videos.
  • (1) Awareness Poster - Product Code: 39677 (015-DRP-M Y) - remind drivers about the importance of vehicle inspections.
  • (10) Driver Handbooks - Product Code: 48836 (872-H) - Post training takeaway that summarizes the key points in the video.
  • (1) Driver Vehicle Inspection Report - Product Code: 1854 (115B)

Basic System Requirements

  • A 400 Mhz or faster Intel-compatible CPU
  • A video card with AGP architecture and at least 4 MB of onboard RAM
  • At least 128 MB of system RAM (Windows 2000, XP and Vista users - 256 MB or more is recommended)
  • Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows XP or Windows Vista (most software DVD decoders have either reduced function or no support under Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0)
  • The latest version of Microsoft DirectX
  • DVD-ROM drive

Main Menu

  • Play Program
  • Chapter Selections
    • Introduction
    • Pre-Trip Inspections
      • Getting Started
      • Step 1: Engine Compartment & Front Axle Components
      • Step 2: In-Cab Inspection
      • Step 3: Lights
      • Step 4: Walk-Around
      • Step 5: Brakes System Check
    • On-the-Road Inspections
        • When to Perform
        • How to Perform
    • Post-Trip Inspections
        • Procedures
        • DVIR
    • Conclusion
  • Bonus Videos
    • Vehicle Inspections: Intermodal Chassis
      • Discuss how to conduct a pre-trip inspection on an intermodal chassis
      • Explain when a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) is required
    • Vehicle Inspections: Refrigerated Trailers
      • Discuss how to conduct an inspection on a refrigerated trailer
      • Explain when a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) is required

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