Vehicle Sizes and Weights Handbook 14077/520-H

Vehicle Sizes and Weights Handbook 2009 Edition 520-H


All the needed size and weight info in one place, listed by state and province.

The easy-to-use Vehicle Sizes and Weights Handbook 14077/520-H, designed for professional drivers of tractor-trailers and straight trucks, is also an excellent reference for transport trainers, dispatchers, and safety managers.

Organized by state and province, this convenient handbook provides facts, best practices, practical tips for managing size and weight issues, plus helps drivers determine lawful ways to configure their tractor-trailers or straight trucks.

This low-cost guide:

  • replaces scattered, complex size and weight information in atlases with clear, easy-to-use tables
  • provides all legal size and weight information in one place and listed by state and province
  • lay-flat design allows easy use while referencing a map or atlas.

Spiral bound, 7" x 5", 178 pages.
ISBN 978-1-60287-364-3

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This single-source handbook features an overview of tractor-trailer sizes and weights compliance requirements for all 50 states and Canada. It includes ...

  • U.S. federal bridge formula and table
  • U.S. kingpin to rear axle limits table by state
  • Vehicle size and weight limits for U.S. and Canada
  • Weigh station locations
  • Idling restrictions
  • Tire chain requirements
  • Speed limits
  • State and provincial size and weight contact information
  • English/metric system common conversions
  • Handbook Size: 7" x 5"
  • Spiral bound, 178 pages (bond paper)
  • Cover is a coated card stock


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