Classic Series II 63 Quart ARB Fridge Freezer



Perfect For Family Trips or Off Roading As It Keeps Your Food and Beverages Cold.

The ARB 63 Quart Fridge Freezer Series II features a low profile to suit roller drawer systems, larger 4x4s, boats, and camper trailers.

You can have full control of the Series II Fridge Freezer via mobile devices or ARB's LINX. You can turn the fridge on and off, manually adjust the temperature, and display the target temperature, power input voltage, and fridge compressor status.

The Fridge includes a transmitter that allows remote display and control via a new app, which is available for download onto smart devices or ARB's LINX unit.**


  • Capacity: 63 Quart (90 X 12oz)
  • Durable Powder Coated Steel Outer Casing
  • Gunmetal Grey & Black Color
  • Controllable by Fridge Freezer Connect App via Mobile Device or ARB's LINX
  • Keeps Food & Beverage Cold

Series II vs. Series I Fridge Freezers:

  • Dimensions:
    • All exterior and internal dimensions remain the same as the Series I Fridge Freezers.
  • Performance:
    • Carried over the proven performance of the Series I Fridge Freezers utilizing the existing compressors and associated cooling components.
  • Functionality:
    • All the existing features and benefits such as removable lid, reversible basket, mounting points etc. were carried over from Series I Fridge Freezers.

Specifications of ARB 63 Quart Series II

  • Capacity
    •  63 Quart (90 X 12oz)
  • Cooling Capacity:
    • 50°F To 0°F
  • Power:
    • Built-In 12/24V DC And 100-240 AC Power Integrated Battery Protection System
  • Current Draw:
    • 0.85 Amps/Hour
    • Average Power Consumption Tested At 37.4°F Cabinet Temperature
    • Ambient Temperature Range: 78.8°F - 87.8°F
    • Test Duration: 66 Hours
    • Supply Voltage: 12V DC
  • Transmitting module:
    • Bluetooth connectivity allows 2-way communication on SII fridges and 1-way display on SI fridges
  • External Dimensions:
    • 17"H X 17.7"W X 33.3"D
  • Internal Dimensions:
    • Fruit & Dairy Compartment: 5"H X 14"W X 6"D
    • Main Compartment: 12.6"H X 14"W X 18.8"D
  • Weight: 54lbs

  • Display The Target Temperature, Power Input Voltage, Fridge Compressor Status, and Alert The User If Lid Is Open
  • Separate Compartment for Fruit & Dairy
  • Reversible Basket with Divider
  • 12 Volt Power Input Readout For Simple Voltage Monitoring On Display
  • Removable Lid with Integrated Seal
  • Settings can be adjusted from the app such as:
    • Turn the Fridge On/Off
    • Put Into Standby
    • Display Brightness
    • Battery Protection
    • Unit Measurement (°C or °F)
    • Preset Temperature Settings
  • Note: For Classic Series I (post-2014 models), the new transmitter and app can be used to display the temperature, input voltage, and compressor status.

Other Photo of 63 Quart Fridge Freezer Series II       Other Photo of Fridge Freezer Connect App

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