Everest/Aspen High Performance Mobile WiFi Combo


Available November 4

Everest/Aspen Hi Performance Mobile WiFi Combo


$ 895.95

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Looking for a router that can reach it's peak performance? Get the Everest/Aspen combo so you can enjoy fast and reliable internet connection. The Everest/Aspen pack is versatile and it comes with LTE connectivity. With the help of integrated high-performance LTE modem of outdoor router, LTE speeds and seamless data sharing are improved.

This pack is ideal for mobile lifestyle and a great addition to your Truck, RV, or Boat as you can stay online wherever you go. With the Everest 2 mile maximum wireless range, you can get wifi access in places that you could never get before.

What You Should Know About Mobile WiFi

Note: Max Range reflects optimal conditions with clear line of sight and powerful access points and is not to be expected as the usual range achieved.


  • Indoor & Outdoor High-performance WiFi Router
  • For Peak Performance, Versatility, & LTE Connectivity
  • Downlink: Up to 300Mbps | Uplink: Up to 50Mbps
  • Ideal for Your Truck & RV
  • 2 Miles Maximum Wireless Range

Specifications of Everest/Aspen Pack:

  • Supports: AT&T and Millenicom Sim Cards
  • WiFi Frequencies
    • Outdoor Unit – 2.4GHZ
    • Indoor Unit – 2.4 & 5.8GHz
  • Range:
    • Outdoor Unit – Up To 2 Miles Capture, 1/4 Mile Broadcast
    • Indoor Unit – Up To 750 Ft
  • Throughput:
    • WiFi – Up To 1200Mbps
    • LAN – UP TO 1000Mbps
    • LTE (if equipped) 150Mbps Down, 50Mbps Up
  • Standards: 802.11 A/AC/B/G/N
  • Broadcasts: 3X (PRIVATE, PUBLIC, OEM MGT)
  • Security: SafeSurf™/Firewall/WPA3
  • Form Factor:
    • Outdoor Unit: Shark Fin
    • Indoor Unit: Compact Modem
  • SD Card Slot: MicroSD
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Lan Ports:
    • Outdoor Units – 1X LAN
    • Indoor Unit – 4X LAN, 1X WAN
  • Dimensions:
    • Outdoor Unit – 9"T X 7"W X 11"D
    • Indoor Unit – 7"T X 7.5"W X 5"W
    • Pack: 18" × 12" × 9"
  • Everest Temperatures:
    • Outdoor Unit: -40C ~ +70C
    • Indoor Unit: -0C ~ +40C
  • USB Port for Hotspots:
    • Outdoor Unit: NO (Requires Indoor Router)
    • Indoor Unit: YES (USB 3.0)
  • 30 ft. Tetherpoint Cable
  • Power Input / Draw: 12VDC / 36W Maximum
    • Outdoor Unit: Category 6 Modem
    • Indoor Unit: None
  • LTE Modem Slots: 1 (Indoor Unit), 2 (Outdoor Unit)
  • GPS (When LTE is Activated)
  • Tray Swap Upgrades: No (Best in Class)


  • Everest Outdoor Router
  • Aspen Indoor Router
  • 30ft TetherPoint Cable
  • Power Adapter: DC Direct Pigtail with 5amp in-line fuse
  • User Manual
  • Sim Card
  • 12vDC/24vDC Power Supply

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