Refurbished Rand McNally TND765 EOBR


$ 549.00


Full stand-alone EOBR elog device. It features Safe-drive mode featuring text-to-speech email playback and verbal turn-by-turn route guidance. It's easy to install in less than 30 minutes.


  • Electronic Driver logs
  • Fleet communication with cellular and Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • HOS alerts and warning for drivers
  • Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting
  • Driver and Vehicle Performance Monitoring

Service Plan Table (Note: The $39 plan is no longer available)

Monthly Fee for 3-Years Service Plan$ 19.95 EOBR Plan$ 29.95 Basic Plan

Electronics Hours of Service
Keeps HOS records and logs time electronically. View HOS information on the device, and through the
Rand McNally Connect web portal.
Compliant with 49 CFR, 395.15.

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Vehicle Inspection Reporting
Reporting on the device. Pull reports, record repairs, and view information through the Rand McNally Connect web portal.
Compliant with 49 CFR, 396.11 and 396.13. .


Track vehicle location and info in near real-time including GPS position, speed, direction of travel, and
driving hours available – all via the Rand McNally Connect web portal.


Two-way email messaging supporting up to 2,400 characters. Messages convert from text to speech while driving.


Other Features of Rand McNally TND765

  • Best-in-class truck-specific navigation
  • HOS wizard for simplified compliance
  • State-specific HOS Rules
  • Multiple Operating Authority Capable
  • 3G modem
  • 2 USB ports for diagnostics
  • Document scanning capabilities
  • Fleet Compliance
    • Simple correction and log certification
    • Hours of Service done automatically. No more paper logs.
    • HOS data anytime access, stored up to 8 weeks in the Rand McNally Connect web portal.
    • Available driving hours and duty times
    • Show up-to-date logbooks information to transportation officials and law enforement via the TND765, email and/or fax.
  • Fleet Communications
    • Send PDF attachements w/ permits, company documents and/or terminal maps to the TND765 from the back office.
    • Free-form, true email-format messaging to/from drivers
    • Form based message builder creates frequently used email templates.
    • Optimized dispatch operation through Rand McNally workflow applications.
  • Fleet Navigation
    • Optimized truck specific routing for truck width, height, load type, and weight.
    • Voice guidance for upcoming maneuvers (Turn-by-turn).
    • 3D Junction views w/lane guidance, for complex highway interchanges.
    • Help drivers for searching POI (Points of Interest) like parking, dining options and repair centers.
    • outing based on Rand McNally's market-leading database of commercial truck restrictions
    • Automatic re-routing for missed turns.
  • Fleet Visibility
    • Proactively address vehicle maintenance issues as vehicle fault codes are displayed.
    • Driver specific metrics and User-configurable reporting for over 300 vehicles.
    • Comprehensive fuel reporting
    • Comprehensive driver performance reporting.
    • Fleet configurable set speed limits for safe driving.
    • Notify managers with alerts when critical events like braking, start, and/or stop occur, indicating possible accident or unsafe driving practices.
    • Eliminate out-of-route driving through route geofencing.
    • Maximize dispatch efficiency with the help of satellite map view and nearby vehicle proximity search.
    • Breadcrumb trail mapping for replaying vehicle events and positions
    • Departure and Arrival notification

Includes of Rand McNally TND765

  • TND765 GPS and Electronic Logbook
  • 9-pin Power and OBD Cable for Trucks with the 9-pin deutsch connector.(Fits Most Trucks)
  • Hours of Service & DOT Quick Reference Visor Card
  • Security Bracket
  • Suction Cup Window Mount
  • ELog On Board Decal
  • Get Started Card
  • Install Guide
  • User Manual
  • 5 cable ties

TND765 TND765

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