Padlocks, Door Locks, King Pin Locks, Glad Hand Locks

War-Lok Truck King Pin Lock TKP-10

Price from:
$ 74.63

Designed for dropped trailer. Considered the best and most effective protection from cargo thieves.

War-Lok Cast Steel Barrier Box Truck Lock TL-10

Price from:
$ 64.07

Is a cast steel barrier box created to protect trailer hasp.

War-Lok Glad hand Truck Lock TGH-10

Price from:
$ 42.64

Protects a trailer's brake system hoses from being connected to the trailer.

War-Lok Truck Air Brake Lock TAB-10

Price from:
$ 75.40

Protects idling trucks by completely encasing the Air valves.

Economy King Pin Lock 3484/550-R

Economy King Pin Lock 550-R
$ 33.90

Fits most standard king pins. Made from cast iron w/ plunger-like design.

Glad Hand Lock 3408/523-R

$ 28.07

This "must-have" safety device clips directly onto the trailer's glad hand with a pin lock. Since the brakes can't be pressurized, they remain locked until you choose otherwise.

Master Lock® Weather Tough® Padlocks

704-R-A, 704-RA-C, 704-R-C
Price from:
$ 21.19

Features Xenoy® thermoplastic cover with weather seals to protect locks from moisture, dirt, and other contaminants.
Min = 2
Min = 12
Min = 12

Master Lock® Padlocks

$ 23.00

These Master Lock® padlocks are constructed with laminated steel bodies for superior strength, dual locking levers for extra pry resistance, and proprietary rust-proofing for longer life.

Parking Brake Truck Lock

$ 57.67

After adjusting the set-screws, simply place each half of the aluminum body around the brake valve knob and depress the lock cylinder to secure the lock.


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