Imprinted Canadian Driver's Daily Log Book 19617/663-LD-C

English/French 2-Ply with Carbon Detailed DVIR



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Contain all the required items to help drivers comply with Canada's Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulations.


  •  Reinforce your brand and logo
  •  Help your drivers save time with pre-printed information they don’t have to fill out
  •  Help make auditing more accurate
  •  Minimize the need for drivers to carry extra company information separately


  • Printed in English & French
    • Book Format
  • w/Detailed DVIR
  • w/Daily Recap
    • 31 sets of Forms per Book
    • 2 Ply
    • With Carbon Interleaf
    • Measures 8-1/2" W x 11" L

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Out of Stock

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