Vinyl Compact Document Holder 568-RVN-BN

Brown Vinyl, Holds up to 36 Documents



This Vinyl Compact Document Holder 568-RVN-BN is a convenient holder that can also be used to store credit cards, phone lists, index cards, or photos. It contains 18 clear pockets providing the user a quick access to needed contents. The outside cover is made of durable vinyl.


  • Color: Brown
  • Holder Size: 6" W x 8" L when snapped shut.
  • Pocket Size: 4" W x 6" L
  • Material: Vinyl


  • clear pockets

Pricing and Ordering

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$ 8.80 each$ 8.32 each$ 7.48 each$ 7.15 each$ 6.81 each$ 6.39 each

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