KellerSCAN® Scannable 2-Per-Page Daily Log 833-LD

No Recap Yellow Background 2-Ply

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This 2-Ply with Carbon KellerSCAN® Scannable 2-Per-Page Daily Log 833-LD, is a  Book Format log with a Detailed DVIR  designed for KellerSCAN® Log Auditing Software. It has yellow background for improved scanning, copying and faxing. This scannable daily log  helps reduce time spent on auditing logs. This log has No Recap.

This log also features a monthly summary sheet with instructions for the 34-hour restart provision, and a summary of DOT's driver's record of duty status regulations to help simplify compliance.

Image shown is 831-LD. 833-LD is similar to 831 LD except that the former has NO Recap.


  • No Recap
  • Yellow Background
  • 2-Ply
  • with Carbon
  • with Detailed DVIR
  • Book Format
  • 31 Sets
  • Overall Size: 8 1/2"W x 11"L


  • Monthly Summary Sheet

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