Monthly Log Summary Melamine Board Chart With Aluminum Frames 8570/809-R

Giant Dry-Erase Log Chart for Group Instruction




The Monthly Log Summary Melamine Board Chart with Aluminum Frames 8570/809-R is an enlarged monthly log summary sheet.  It shows 70-hour/8-day or 60-hour/8-day sheet for flexibility with all J.J. Keller stock logs. This oversized monthly summary log is a great tool for your drivers training and you can reuse it again and again.

The oversized chart comes with an aluminum frame with wall hooks for mounting, and includes a marker, eraser, and oversize log ruler.


  • 36"W x 24"L
  • Write-on/wipe-off surface


Includes the following:

  • aluminum frame with wall hooks for mounting
  • marker
  • eraser
  • oversized log ruler

Pricing and Ordering

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