Seven-Day Driver's Log Book 8585/671-L

4-Ply With Carbon With Detachable Simplified DVIR


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This Seven-Day Driver's Log Book 671-L is a 4-Ply Book Format that can help you comply with the Hours of Service rule and with vehicle inspection regulations.  Plies one and two have 4 logs printed on the front side and 3 on the back. The 3rd and 4th plies have 4 Simplified DVIRs, perforated for easy removal.


  • 4-Ply
  • with Carbon
  • 17 Sets
  • Book Format
  • Overall Size: 8 1/2"W x 11"L


  • Detachable Simplified DVIR on 3rd and 4th plies
  • Monthly Log Summary Sheet
  • Completion Instructions

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