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No time to train? With this manual, five minutes is all you need!

J. J. Keller's easy-to-use 5-Minute Workplace Safety Talks manual gives you fingertip access to more than 240 different safety talks, like blood borne pathogens, PPE, fall protection, and more!

At just five minutes each, you can easily make these mini training sessions fit into your busy schedule and those of your employees. Conduct the safety talks right before the beginning of a shift or at the start of the day ... anytime you and your employees can spare five short minutes.

You'll get safety talks covering more than 240 workplace safety topics, such as ...

  • confined spaces
  • bloodborne pathogens
  • lockout/tagout
  • ergonomics
  • hazard communication
  • fall protection
  • lifting techniques
  • personal protective equipment
  • electrical safety
  • welding
  • slips, trips and falls
  • workplace violence
  • and more!

Each talk includes an instructor's page and an employee handout. The instructor's page provides an overview of the topic along with tips on how to train. The employee handout contains a review of the key points covered and includes a sign-off sheet on the back for easy training documentation. The manual even includes a section on how to conduct a five-minute talk.

Loose-leaf, 3-ring bound. 613 pages.
ISBN 1-57943-958-6

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