AluLock 1.5 Cable Seals - 12" Blue 15892/321-RB

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AluLock 1.5 Cable Seals - 12" Blue 321-RB


Note: Stock seals must be purchased in increments/multiples of 10.

For High Security!

AluLock 1.5 Cable Seals - 12" Blue 15892/321-RB meet or exceed ISO 17712 requirements as Security Seals. The AluLock 1.5 Cable Seal can be used on trailer doors, tankers, cargo containers and shipping containers. Requires 732 pounds of pull-apart strength to disengage.


  • Galvanized steel aircraft cable and anodized aluminum alloy body that are corrosive resistant and designed to withstand severe environmental and climatic conditions.
  • Easy-to-read jumbo numbering and pale seal colors that enhance the contrast of the laser imprint/numbering.
  • Non-preformed cable that splays after cutting to prevent reuse.
  • Annealed cable tip for easy handling and insertion into the cable body.
  • Convenient packaging that makes seal distribution easy to record and manage. 10 sequentially numbered seals are packaged in a heat-sealed bag that's clearly labeled with the range of seal numbers enclosed.

Pricing and Ordering

Product50-249250-499500-9991,000-2,9993,000-4,9995,000 or moreFor more price infoQuantityOrder Now!
AluLock™ 321-RB$ 1.41 each$ 1.16 each$ 1.03 each$ 0.95 each$ 0.87 each$ 0.84 eachContact Us

Available in blue only are pre-printed with "JJ Keller" and a 6-digit number

NOTE: Stock seals must be purchased in increments of 10.

Can be used for:

  • Railcars
  • Container Door Latches
  • Trailer Doors
  • Shipping Containers
  • Bulk & Liquid Tankers
  • Bulk Tank Valves/Hatches

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