AluLock™ 5.0 Cable Seals - 18" Blue 324-RB

Convenient packaging makes tracking and recording seal numbers easier for your security seal management program

AluLock™ 5.0 Cable Seals - 18" Blue 324-RB


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Note: Stock seals must be purchased in increments/multiples of 50.

For High Security!

J. J. Keller's AluLock™ 5.0 Cable Seals are C-TPAT compliant and meet or exceed ISO/PAS 17712 requirements as High Security Seals. Download the ISO 17712 certificate (PDF, 251KB) here.

AluLock™ 5.0 Cable Seals - 18" Blue 324-RB can be used on trailer doors, railcars, cargo containers and shipping containers to secure import/export goods worldwide. Requires 3,439 pounds of pull-apart strength to disengage.


  • Galvanized steel aircraft cable and anodized aluminum alloy body that are corrosive resistant and designed to withstand severe environmental and climatic conditions.
  • Easy-to-read jumbo numbering and pale seal colors that enhance the contrast of the laser imprint/numbering.
  • Annealed cable tip for easy handling and insertion into the cable body.
  • Thick 5.0 mm cable that is more rigid than smaller diameter cables. That and the 18" length make this seal easier to work with and fasten securely.
  • Non-preformed cable that splays after cutting to prevent reuse.
  • Convenient packaging that makes seal distribution easy to record and manage. 10 sequentially numbered seals are packaged in a heat-sealed bag that's clearly labeled with the range of seal numbers enclosed.

Can be used for:

  • Railcars
  • Container Door Latches
  • Trailer Doors
  • Shipping Containers
  • Bulk & Liquid Tankers
  • Bulk Tank Valves/Hatches

Stock seals (available in blue only) are pre-printed with "JJ Keller" and a 6-digit number.

NOTE: Stock seals must be purchased in increments of 50.

Pricing and Ordering

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AluLock™ 5.0 Cable
Seals - 18" Blue 324-RB
Out of Stock-No Expected Date
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