Economy King Pin Lock 3484/550-R

Fits most standard king pins.

We highly recommend War-Lok Locks for better security.

Fits most standard king pins.


$ 33.90

Made from cast iron, this Economy King Pin Lock fits most standard king pins. Its plunger-like design enables workers to place the unit in position without having access to the key.


5" O.D. x 3-3/4" H. 2 lbs., 12 oz. Includes a yellow flag to remind drivers when lock is on

Pricing and Ordering

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$ 43.89 each$ 38.56 each$ 34.44 each$ 32.33 each$ 29.66 eachContact Us

Custom Keyed-Alike Economy King Pin Lock 550-R-C

1-910-2526-5051-100100 or moreQuantityOrder Now!
$ 33.90 each$ 29.78 each$ 26.60 each$ 24.97 each$ 22.91 each

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