Embossed Metal Security Seal 221/4-TS

Protects your cargo against tampering and theft.




Embossed Metal Security Seal 221/4-TS  can be used for trailer doors, rail cars, and storage equipment, these customizable metal seals are an economical option. Seals feature tin-plated steel with information embossed. Embossed seals measure 3/8" W x 8-3/4" L.

Stock seals are embossed with "Keller Seals" and numbered consecutively with our choice of starting number.

Stock seals must be purchased in increments of 100

Pricing and Ordering

300-9991,000-1,9992,000-9,99910,000-24,99925,000 or moreQuantityOrder Now!
$ 0.27 each$ 0.14 each$ 0.13 each$ 0.12 eachContact Us

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