Enforcer Maximum Security Roll Up Door Lock 8050



Price from: $ 227.50

Lead Time: 5 to 7 Business Days


 Add Extra Pair of Keys
$19.50 each

 Add Inside Door Quick Release
$24.95 each


The Roll Up Door Lock is perfect for heavy duty maximum security. It eliminates driver time dealing with padlocks. No interference with cargo handling.


  • Maximum Security from Cutting Tools
  • Locks Automatically When Door is Closed
  • The Perfect Lock for FedEx Drivers
  • Eliminate Driver Time Dealing w/ Padlocks
  • Made in USA

Returns: 30 days w/ 20% Restocking Fee

You can use the roll up door lock with or without using the latch. The driver does not need 2 hands to open or close it as they do with a padlock. Since the door will latch and lock automatically when the door is closed, the driver can focus on his/her deliveries.

Keying to Previous Order:

To Key your lock order to the same as your previous lock orders, you must choose Keyed Alike and write, "Please Key to Previous Order RC########" (where ######## is your 8 digit sales Order Number of your first lock order) in the Customer Msg box.

Note: Always refer back to your first lock order so all new orders will be keyed to that first order. We will try to check that your keying instructions are correct, but this is only a courtesy. You are still responsible. DO NOT USE YOUR KEY CODE.

Update: Due to Recent Extreme High Demand, the 8050s have a Mfg extended Lead Time of 5 Business Days.

Enforcer 8055W Roll-up Door lock is an excellent Roll-up door lock, however, DriverLogBooks recommends the Enforcer 8050 w/the Quick Release for FedEx drivers. The Quick release allows opening the rear door from the inside, making deliveries more efficient.


  • If you need an Aluminum Boot, add a note to Customer Message Box on checkout.
  • Works With Whiting and Todco Latches, as well as all others.
  • Large orders may take longer.
  • We can key your locks to previously purchased locks, if you ordered them from DriverLogBooks and you have them delivered to the same address. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Protection Features

  • Protects the Relatively Insecure Latch from Exposure to Cutting Tools
  • Door stays locked without driver intervention
  • Eliminates Misplaced and Lost Locks

What's Included

  • High Security ABLOY Lock Cylinder with Disk Tumblers like a Bank Safe
  • Choice of Boot
    • 8052 Steel Boot (Default - Comes w/Lock)
    • 8052-AL Aluminum Boot (Free by Request)
  • A Set of 2 Keys w/Choice of Keying Option (for Multiple Locks)
    • Keyed Alike
    • Keyed Differently
  • Optional 8050QR Quick Release

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