FastGrip™ Cable Seals 250P 2.5mm 12" 10422/310-R

An easy and effective solution for your company's security needs.

FastGrip™ Cable Seals 250P 2.5mm 12" 310-R


For Security!

Flexible, tamper-resistant, and easy-to-use, these pull-through cable seals are highly resistant, truly irreversible and can only be removed by using large bolt cutters.

FastGrip™ Cable Seals 250P 2.5mm 12" 310-R consists of a solid, multi-layered steel and plastic construction. They are an ideal choice for your security needs ... whether that includes containers, trailers, tanks, drums, valves, boxes, or anything else you need to safeguard.

Requires 1,125 pounds of pull-apart strength to disengage.


  • Exceptional strength
  • Patented steel gripping mechanism
  • High-quality, stainless-steel cable
  • Aluminum alloy locking compartment
  • Encapsulated identity markings
    • Markings are readable through a plastic transparent magnifying window, making alteration or substitution nearly impossible without obvious damage to the seal.
  • ABS plastic casing
  • Ability to check cable integrity and locking grip through matching windows
  • High pulling load
  • Ultrasonic welding

Pricing and Ordering

Product20-4950-99100-499500-9991,000-4,9995,000 or moreFor more price infoQuantityOrder Now!
250P 2.5mm 12" 10422/310-R$ 2.76 each$ 2.36 each$ 1.98 each$ 1.54 each$ 1.31 each$ 1.24 eachContact Us

Out of Stock

300P 3mm 12" 311-R
Out of Stock
$ 2.83 each$ 2.42 each$ 2.03 each$ 1.64 each$ 1.38 each$ 1.28 eachContact Us

Can be used for:

  • Bulk Tank Valves/Hatches
  • Fiber Burns
  • In-Flight Service Equipment
  • Canvas/Cloth Bags


Available in the following styles and sizes:

  • WW-10422/310-R FastGrip 250P Cable Seal, 2.5mm cable diameter, 12" cable length (Sold only in increments of 10 seals.)
  • WW-311-R FastGrip 300P Cable Seal, 3.0mm cable diameter, 12" cable length (Sold only in increments of 10 seals.)

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